Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thee Outdoor Art Show @ Tropical Cooler Fest | We Got MERCH!!!

What's Treal?!!!

  We've got to say it's absolutely been quite a remarkable time being Young, Black & Treal. We've been overwhelmed with all the love, support and all the opportunities we've been getting blesses with. So how do you follow up doing an group black art exhibit for Black History Month, then doing Thee Encore Concert

Well we were asked to curate some trealness for the 7th annual Tropical Cooler Fest 2016 All White Party. Now this is a major gig! The honor and the realization of the weight to live up to the reputation we've begun to amass was real! And yet We couldn't be more prouder than a father watching his seed fully bloomed, sinking the buzzer beating game winning basket! 


  The artist Kept it Too Treal!!! The setup of artwork that drew your attention had people fixated. The support came in droves as artist sold their prints, originals and even a live painted piece to their new collectors. The vibe was on levels the could power the rockets orbiting the earth!. Being the visual element to such an incredible event was truly an honor.

Special thank you too:

Forever Africa


Moise Noe Dorcelin

We Got Merch!!!!

You can now order your own Treal Shirts from us. The proceeds go towards funding all our projects. 

We've got shirts for $25 and Poster Prints for $15!!! Visit Spreesy.com/ExhibitTreal to order yours today!!!!

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