Monday, August 15, 2016

Inner City Innovator gathers Men to welcome Elementary Students to back School!

This morning as children across the nation began their journeys back into developing their minds Roosevelt Elementary School to welcome the children to their first day. Principal Sharonda Alleyne and many of her stuff where elated at the idea and pleased beyond recognition on the smiles that came across the children’s face.
they were treated to something unexpected but undoubtedly sufficient. Several black men ranging from various ages and walks of life had gather into the halls.

What took place next was part of a movement brought on by Commissioner Cory Neering.  The call of action inspire a group of diverse males to come together cheering and giving the youth “Hi-Five” as they begin the school year. A project community activist/leader Ricky Aiken would later go on to explain. 

 View More Photos Shot by Visualist Here

Ricky Aiken, founder Inner City Innovators was one of the many men who accepted the call. Being a product of this very environment, growing up with a troublesome past in Dunbar Village. Aiken stands as a testimony to Tupac’s ‘A Rose that Grew from the Concrete’. Aiken has a very strong sense of investment in his community. So it was only fitting that he spearhead the project taking place in Roosevelt Elementary School where he once upon a time attended. 

We spoke to Ricky about what took place, the future goal and more.

Exhibit Treal: How do you feel today went?

Ricky Aiken: “I feel like today was a very powerful event. For our youth to come back to school, meeting a group of black males greeting them… introducing them and are EXCITED about them
being here… I think that’s a powerful message. Because when you take all the stereotypes in the media about us… It’s on us to get back out there and do some PR among ourselves. That means showing up at schools, speaking to kids… whatever we got to do to change the narrative about Black Men in America I think we to be about doing.”

Exhibit Treal: What inspired this today?

Ricky Aiken: “Commissioner Cory Neering has a project called “Ties That Bind” where he builds relationships with older gentlemen and the younger generation to give them skills needed to grow  into adulthood. So this is just an extension of that. We wanted to get into the schools and really impact the young people on their way in.”

Exhibit Treal: How do you think this impacted the youth? If you were a child; how do you think this would have impacted you?

Ricky Aiken: “If I was a kid growing up and I look up and I see all these successful men waiting for me at my school to great me, it would’ve sent me a very powerful message about myself. I’ll see that I don’t have to settle to be a drug dealer or a gang-banger, but that I could be an artist like my man JaFleu or I can be a community activist like myself… there are so many other things I could be. There was a quote that I saw that I liked and it said that ‘Our children will be what they see”. So I’m proud that they saw us".
Exhibit Treal: What are you hoping for next year? 

Ricky Aiken: “This group, I call ‘The Faithful Few’. You’d of thought we had 100 men in that hallway but there was just 12 of us. Next year man, I want to see this halls decked with 50 to 100 guys waiting to introduce and greet our students because there’s power in numbers man. If those kids felt good about us greeting them, imagine if we had a whole army of guys with us. So I want this to grow and become revolutionary. I want it to a new school year tradition that we start in the black community.”

Exhibit Treal: What message would you like to leave with the people?

Ricky Aiken: "My number one slogan is this ‘Be the change we want to see in our community. And if
you see something that’s not right, you have to standup and do something about it.  Be the solution to the problems we face as a people. I want to challenge you. Find your lane and get going. That’s all it takes to be a change in our community.”

Friday, August 12, 2016

Black Greatness Rises during Northwood Artwalk

"A people may become great through many means, but there is only one measure by which its greatness is recognized and acknowledged. The final measure of the greatness of all peoples is the amount and standard of the literature and art they have produced.... No people that has produced great literature and art has ever been looked upon by the world as distinctly inferior." - James Weldon Johnson

 In a day and age where we bare witness countless times to the struggle of being black in America. It  is of extreme importance that the arts celebrate who we are So Exhibit Treal returns with "Rising Black Greatness". An exhibition of all that is Black Excellence.

Hosted by Empress Prestige
Music by DJ OG


"Art is meant to capture time, memories, views and so much. Without seeing
ourselves in that it's like we cease to exist... Like we have nothing to hold onto. You can look at a piece of art and feel every raw emotion in it but when it's someone who looks like you it becomes so much more.

I know that growing up I didn't see as much black art because I was never exposed to it. Once I started seeing myself in art I started to really capture what my beauty is and just how MAGICAL we are." - Ashley Dias

"Why is it important for us to see art that is representative of ourselves? Because it’s more important on how I view myself other than what the world says about me. And through this will inspire others to view themselves that way. God and I know me best…. So each stroke gives off a certain energy to my piece that no one else can generate. I’ll die if I eat all the lies that they say." - Tracy Guiteau 

"Growing up in Today's society. Black excellence is an oxy moron. Our culture has influenced the world with little to no recognition. However, our people have not let society determine how great we will be. We have taken a world that removed the welcome mat and we decided to avoid doors because we aim for the skies. doors in my eyes are obstacles. Black excellence is the standard for beauty, music, fashion, food and of course art! As an black artist I am influenced immensely by my culture. Our body is nothing short of the glory of God and I enjoy showing others how beautiful we are as a people with my perspective of light, color and line. So, I am black excellence and my art is a reflection of such." - Orealjinal Desijns

"Art expression, something internal that's externalized that can offer something different to everyone that encounters it. Leaving a sense of empowerment to the artist, and the ability to build up any one it touches." - Visualist
 "Art is the one thing that unequivocally shows your individuality while simultaneously unifying you; to this human experience. It means you have created something from nothing and left your mark on the world. A moment captured is a moment encapsulated; I live to freeze time. Art can be created but it cannot be destroyed. That piece of you that you pour into your work is immortal. So to me it’s important to tell my story though pictures because I want to live forever" - KYTA BEEZ MEDIA
"I always felt like I wanted to represent black people in a positive light going to school in Boston for college, but I only saw white models on the wall. I never saw black models or black paintings. I always wanted to create change, so I started to paint black figures in different shades of black" - Dariel Donovan

If you've traveled the bustling streets of Miami's Wynwood you have no doubt witness the name Moal Thepeople'sartist stenciled along the sidewalks with messages or stickers plastered everywhere. Every bit as ubiquitous as this artist is anonymous, South Florida's very own Banksy never fails to deliver artwork that moves pass it mediums and sends countless of profound thoughts racing. We're honored to have this legendary artist exhibiting with us and can't wait to see what's created!

  Live Performances

"They say what it do/ But never do what it do/ Words, promises and relationships, sometimes I fell through/ RIP to the stew/ I'm writing lines for the juice/ I'm a do what I do, when I don't know what to do"- Maverick

Maverick is an artist and performer based out of Palm Beach, Florida.The inspiration for his unique blend of sound comes from many different shades of hip-hop and R&B, from the warmth of the old school to the punch of the current era. His music echoes the work of influential talents such as Lil Wayne, T Pain or Eminem, just to mention a few. The strength of Maverick's vision is the way the energy of the sound combines with the thought-provoking lyrical flow, bridging the gaps between great melodies and thought-provoking songwriting. Find out more and let the music do the rest of the talking. 

Visit his site:
Also performing is Livin The Rhythm & Bongo Bluez

Body Art By:
Jarvis J Vibe Evans
Harold Caudio
Guiteau Art
QueenPeace Creations


The movement to continue pushing the importance of literacy in our community is still going strong Exhibit Treal: "Rising Black Greatness" Art Exhibit we would love for you to donate novels, comics etc all forms of literature for our ‪#‎WeLIT‬ community book fair. We'll have books on hand from pass ones as well
for us. So during

Sponsored by:
West-Palm Beach-Carnival
Blush'D Boudoir Boutique
Glow with Oils

To become a sponsor of this exhibit contact The BombShell Boutique

Free Admission, Suggested $5 Donations Accepted
Sophisticated Attire Required unless wearing a Dashiki

If wearing a Dashiki you will receive a raffle ticket!

Friday, Aug 26
6pm - 12am

The Bombshell Boutique
435 25th St, WPB, Fl 33407

Please take the time not to just donate but to visit our GoFundMe page to read and see why we believe the journey to open our own space is a worthy goal for you to invest in.

Exhibit Treal is an 501c3 Non Profit in partnership with Palm Beach Multicultural Organization | West-Palm Beach-Carnival that focuses on providing opportunities for minority artists in Palm Beach County and beyond by curating our own art exhibits and shows as well as artist development.

The central focus for Exhibit Treal is to use the arts, be it visual, musical, writing or more to give back to the community and get others involved.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Treal Tummies" Thee Podcast is COMING!!!

Something Treal your way comes! We’re thrilled to reveal a new exciting venture. We’ve partnered up with Curve the Cube Podcast to form a sister show on their network called “Treal Tummies”. Treal Tummies is THEE PODCAST staring Poetry in Motion Production’s very own Empress Prestige “Brown Bear” & Exhibit Treal’s JaFleu “Black Bear”.

JaFleu/ Black Bear
The medium of podcasting has been vastly growing and allowing
Empress Prestige/ Brown Bear
many voices to finally be heard. Especially when it comes to black people just being able to speak freely. Treal Tummies will be tackling an assortment of things. It’ll be fun  and joyous, discussing current events, personal stories, highlighting the arts and having in-depth, engaging but also entertaining interviews. Anything goes when it comes to Treal Tummies so long as it’s TREAL.

Curve the Cube is a south Florida-based media, arts, & entertainment podcast from Flint Stone Media aimed at giving inspiration and insights for pursuing YOUR dreams outside of the cubicle!!! Also available at
Simply put in the words of CTC’s founder and host Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur  “Since starting this podcast project, I have been privileged to have conversations with some of the most amazing people walking the walk of their passion, and it's been AWESOME!!! Whether it inspires you to pursue a passion full or part time, you HAVE to feed your soul! Be true to your dreams and passions, and you will live the life you were born to live. You only have one round on earth. Make the most of it! Curve the cube!!!”

Check out some of the past interviews that have featured Empress Prestige, Exhibit Treal & JaFleu on Curve the Cube.

Listen Here
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Treal Tummies is coming soon so don’t just Stay Tuned, Stay Treal!!!

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