Saturday, March 26, 2016

Curve the Cube Podcast Gets TREAL! *INTERVIEW LINK ADDED!*

What’s treal?

Well we had the honor of our co-founders and curators Tracy Guiteau & Jason “JaFleu” Fleurant being interviewed on Curve the Cube’s podcast. It was a fun conversation that featured laughs, crazy stories and insight into what Exhibit Treal is and the future goals. Jason has already one been featured on nearly a year ago on episode 25, so entertaining podcast, so it was a great delight to hear more about the passionate Guiteau.


Last Year's JaFleu interview 

The episode will be released on Monday via their site! And we’ll make sure to update this blog with the link once it’s available.

What’s Curve the Cube?

Curve the Cube is a south Florida-based media, arts, & entertainment podcast from Flint Stone Media aimed at giving inspiration and insights for pursuing YOUR dreams outside of the cubicle!!! Also available at! 

Simply put in the words of CTC’s founder and host Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur  “Since starting this podcast project, I have been privileged to have conversations with some of the most amazing people walking the walk of their passion, and it's been AWESOME!!! Whether it inspires you to pursue a passion full or part time, you HAVE to feed your soul! Be true to your dreams and passions, and you will live the life you were born to live. You only have one round on earth. Make the most of it! Curve the cube!!!

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