Saturday, October 29, 2016

Artists visit High School to Inspire Students

Representing for Exhibit Treal, founder Jason "JaFleu" Fleurant & multi-talented artist Jamaal "Visualist" Clark paid a visit to the students of Jennifer "J-Love" Gironda's art class at Lake Worth Community High School. Gironda reached out due to the diversity of her students and wanted artist that reflected them to speak about being the art life and more.

JaFleu (who had just released his art book "The Art of Treal") being the son of Haitian immigrants would especially connect with the students due to Lake Worth's high Haitian population. The special bonus for JaFleu was the fact that as the child the church he attended was based out of LWCH, and while his Sunday School classes were held in the art rooms; he would imitate the drawings and techniques he saw.

The students were fascinated with not just the paintings in front of them but the behind the scenes stories as both artist spoke. The real excitement was when Mrs. Gironda showcased a collection of many of her students works. Even leaving some of the teens astonish and the talents of their peers. In essence it had become a mini art show. Other students would rush to find their works for critic and praise. It was a truly inspiring time on both ends. Even ending with everyone drawing together.