Monday, September 18, 2017

Artist Uses His Gifts to Tell 'Treal Tales' with New Children's Books

Artist Uses His Gifts to Tell Treal Tales with New Children's Books

Artist Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant has done his far share of illustrating album covers, as well as book cover art and pages for various writers and performing artists. And now the founder of Exhibit Treal is harnessing his talents to release his own stories.

Through his Treal Tales series published independently thought Exhibit Treal, he writes and illustrates his own original content. With the intent to always Keep It Treal.

First releasing "Teddy's Big Break". A story and character loosely based on his life, the synopsis reads:

Teddy Elephante, the Elephant that paints has three days to impress art critics and dealers with a new masterpiece for a opportunity that will change his life! Will he find the inspiration he needs?

The 30 page book was published Aug 24th, the anniversary of the day he laid his father to rest.

"I've always since my childhood loved to write and draw out stories. It's been very evident with the way my art has been. Rather it be visual or my poetry. So here we're finally seeing those things merge. I wrote this story about Teddy Elephante two years ago during a rough time. I wasn't aware back then about being about to independently publish books. It was till I released the two art books "The Art of Treal" (of which US Senator Cory Booker owns a copy) & "Our BeautiFLEU Lives" that the idea of what I can do this really came to life.

So I decided to go all in and create my own publishing company so I could tell the stories I wanted to tell and that's just what I'm doing... Telling stories."

Today, JaFLEU newest book "Uncle Duty: Rushing into Trouble". A tell again loosely based on him this time creating the character BeBe Treal as an aviator for himself and his nephews.

Synopsis: What happens when the nephews of BeBe Treal find themselves rushing into the clutches of the dangerous Red Coat & The Overseers?!!! In another exciting story of Treal Tales!

"While yes the first two books are listed under the category of children's books, they go beyond that. They are great stories. I want to write the tales that all ages can enjoy. But also I do intend to write ones that are more adult oriented, only still using my artistic ability to illustrate the pages. You're always going to get your money's worth."

"Every story that is published through Exhibit Treal publishing is written in bars. Not just rhymes but bars. There are always going to be lines that your most seasoned lyricist is going to appreciate but that everyone can digest. It's a challenge I love but as a poet/rapper this is how I've always written.'

One of JaFLEU's goals is to get his books to the youth. As of currently he's been pushing an initiative to get sponsors to purchase copies that will be donated to local daycare and schools.

"We've been blessed to already sell 10 copies using this and hope to sell more. I'm reaching out to business and law firms just trying to give them a great cause to become apart of. When I was a kid my favorite days were when we did visits to the library or when the book fairs would come. The later was always bittersweet because I'd walk around and watch my friends get all these books and  because we didn't have money like that I wouldn't be able too. But my love for books knew no end so to now be able to write and publish my own and have my nieces and nephews love them is mind blowing."

The books are currently being distributed via Blurb Books.

"My dream is to be the Treal version of Disney, Schulz, Suess, Henson, McDuffie & Kirby. So we'll see what God has in-store. Don't get it twisted, I still have dreams of my paintings being in The MoMa and such. I'm still gonna kill the art game but your talent & gifts should afford you opportunities. I look forward to being able to hire other writers and artists to tell their stories as well one day soon."

You can listen to JaFLEU latest interview a 3-Peat sit-down with Curve The Cube Podcast addressing this and more.

Listen Here

To find out how you can be a sponsor and help with getting the books donate to daycares & schools email: with the Title: Sponsor Treal Tales.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Milagro Center Celebrates Haitian Heritage with The Arts!

Le Nubian Dance Inc
The Milagro Center lives within the heart of Delray Beach. Smack dabbed in a community some have even referred to as a "Lil Haiti". Fully aware, The Blueprint Gallery coordinator Nicole Escalera had a goal to bring about an exhibition highlighting Haitian culture and more. Reaching out to Haitian American artist and curator Jason "JaFleu" Fleurant to help make it so.

On Friday, March 10th The Blueprint Gallery became alive with the sounds and works influenced by Haiti. Music by Haitian legends such as Kompa heavy weights Carimi, T-Vce to Hip-Hop super stars The Fugees filled the room as DJ Fresh had feet moving to his vibe. The delectable smell of freshly made griot sent stomachs in a frenzy craving the taste made by one of the parents of the students that attend The Milagro Center.

Artist: Tracy Guiteau
Photographer: Lawrence Jean-Louis
Eyes were filled with fascination, amazement, curiosity and adoration as crowds of art lovers took in the works that displayed the perspective of the Tracy Guiteau, Delray's very own McKinson Souveran and Miami based emerging talent Felix Wendy were in attendance sharing the meaning and inspirations behind their creations. Photography by Lawrence Jean-Lous & new comer Farha Pierre as well as mystic painting stemming from the realm of voodoo by  Mackenson Jean completed the exhibition.
world through Haitian artists' art. Artists

Artist: McKinson Souveran

Artist: Felix Wendy
All that were in attendance were treated to performances that were sure to make Haitian ancestors proud. Poet Flose Boursiquot read words that spoke to the hearts of little girls from her first book of poetry "Close Your Eyes, Now Breathe" which was flying of the tables from sales. Le Nubian Dance Inc transported everyone within the gallery to the island while fully decked out in carabella outfits (two of which donated by Women Mastermind) with a routine that ended with roaring applause as they graciously moved to the music! Exhibit Treal's JaFleu The Artist closed out the evening performances, forsaking the mic to bellow out two of his spoken word pieces. Leaving it back to DJ Fresh to takeover and get the place jumping!

The Milagro Center's first Haitian Art exhibition was an successful opening night! The most precious of sight was the art of inspiration and joy that filled the children in attendance. As they dance, met the artists and got to pick their brains!

The exhibit is running until early May. The response from the opening and requests for another event may even lead to a closing reception. Stay tuned for details on that possibility.

To visit the "Haitian Heritage" Art Exhibit during The Blueprint Gallery's normal operational times contact The Milagro Center : 561-279-2970 or email Nicole Escalera:

To continue to help support Exhibit Treal please visit and donate to our

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Artists Debut Trealness at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

Artist Tracy Guiteau kneels over her completed piece.
During the one of South Florida's biggest event.. The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, Exhibit Treal was given a great opportunity by Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery to provide artist an opportunity to let their art speak for them.

Guiteau Art
Ashley Dias
Frances Salbarrey
Vanessa Norman
Alyrical Art
QueenPeace Creations
Turtle Got Art Gallery
Nicole Galluccio

The group of artist's representing Exhibit Treal had little to no experience and all accepted the challenge to not only create beautiful art in the park spots outside of Common Ground, The Bamboo Room & Excelsior Comics but to create pieces with a message. And so they did that and beyond during the 2 day festival. Creating works that address water pollution, NoPal, Saving the Bees and imagery singing the praises of Black Women.

Face with the issue of a empty space the group came up with the idea of creating "The People's Piece" named by KYTA. Exhibit Treal is known for letting guest creatively sign canvas at shows so the floor was literally open for the crowd to also become part of the festival.

It was an amazing time for Exhibit Treal 's Street Painting debut. Here are what some of the artists have to say:

Ending March 3rd
Artist's Showcase of the Palm Beaches x Exhibit Treal "Black Gold" BHM Art Exhibit

Opening March 10th
The Blueprint Gallery x Exhibit Treal
"Haitian Heritage" Exhibit