Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Thee Certified Treal" Art Tour Rises Through The Fall

Exhibit Treal has been on a roll... one that seems to have no end. Starting with Aug 26th, where we kicked off what we dubbed "Thee Certified Treal" Art Tour. Starting with "Rising Black Greatness" held at The Bombshell Boutique.

After a brief week of a break, things were launch back into motion with back to back to back events. On Sept 9th.... Exhibit Treal held a pop-up art show during Palm Beaches longest running open mic The Stage's "The Art of Poetry".

On Saturday, Sept 10th we took our talents back to South Beach after  co-curating with Mindwarehouse's Curator Winsome Bolt "Something to Say". The exhibition took place during Miami's "Art Days". Sponsored directly by the DDA, the night was filled with raw emotion and expression. The exhibition will be running until Oct 2nd.

And finally on Sunday, Sept 11th. Marking the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, this exhibition of your artists address many devastating issues minorities face in America. It was held at The Historic Jenkins House and presented by Artists Showcase of the Palm Beaches. This exhibition originally was to run until Sept 17th but has been extended to the rest of the month. More details soon!

Special Thank you to our Sponsor Maverick Media & Branding for this amazing mini-documentary about "Exhibit Treal: I TOO, America!"

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