Monday, March 28, 2016

Reading is LIT!!!!! Art & Books Spark the Community!!!!!

Easter Sunday during the 3rd RBG of South Florida's Family Funday & Mini Market / Exhibit Treal "We Got Dat LIT! Art Show & Book Drive the community came together like voltron! What started
as a goal to have people donate books for an upcoming an book club but things took a beautiful turn. As the books began to pile and pile, racks on racks on racks!!!! The people couldn't stop themselves from falling in love as they looked upon the massing collection. We even had the unexpected
pleasure of CBS News 12 coming to cover it!

The energy took some home was at a fever pitch which inspired a new idea. In order to take a book, (and everyone was allowed to take several) you would have to do a book report one that would be due the before the next RBG Family Funday which falls on the last Sunday of every month. Empress Prestige then took it to another level, stating to keep things treal that the book report could be done in any artistic fashion you could think of.

The artists debuted astounding brand new works and series that had the people charged up!!!! And works work sold, including a sale between artists in the show!

What happen next was amazing! Instead folding to the idea, people rushed to the table snatching as many as they could. Fully excited about participating... thus our Book Fair will be happening next month! Details Soon!!!! This also became the foundation for a new project, our cups runneth over with amazing amount of books and more are on the way. So we are working on getting some type of community library going. Be sure to stay tuned for that!



The interview from our Saturday sit down with Curve the Cube is up!!!! Episode 69!!!

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