Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Artistic Vision | Meet Elizabeth Pitts

Elizabeth Pitts comes from a lineage of artistic expressionist. Stemming from her grandmother and father whom used his talents
to do outstanding work in the trades of upholstery and refurbishing furniture.  The Delray Beach, Fl born Elizabeth’s notes him, James Pitts as her favorite artist saying “As a father, husband and business owner, his artistic abilities seems to shine bright in everything he does. His artwork matured as he got older and wiser.” She goes on to say “Knowing that my father and grandmother were artists drives me to be the best artist I can be.”

Elizabeth attended the highly regarded Virginia State University, a Historical Black College. One of which she has no problem letting you know how prideful she is of being an alum. It was there that she discovered she too had been blessed with the artistic abilities she admired for so long explaining “I have always had a passion for music, art and poetry but to me they were just hobbies, until now.” 

Her passion for the youth is what led her to studying education and recreation and VSU with a goal set; an objective to own her own recreation center. “I want to provide a place where kids can have opportunities to explore different avenues to their future success.  Sports camps, art classes and exhibits, talent shows, dance classes, engineering clubs, academic support and college readiness programs are only a few of the programs I would love to provide to my community.”

The mother of two beautiful children who have also been bitten by the art bug she revealed as they to love to paint. It is abundantly clear the apple does not fall far from her creative tree. Much like how her father turned his hobby into a career, Pitts hustler spirit doesn’t just stop with art. “Along with painting, being a mother, and working with children I am also a Distributor of a 100% all natural Hair product line.  I started using the products and instantly I wanted to include my family and friends in on this wonderful product that is created by an African American woman who has been caring for all types of hair for over 30 years.” Affectionately known to some as a Jack… well a Jackie of all trades, Pitts is in love with being a go-getter! “I plan on expanding and perfecting my craft as the future approaches.”

Yet when it’s all said and done her mission remains clear “I wish to introduce different artistic styles and unique ideas to young artists.  I want kids and young artists to keep an open mind when expressing themselves, remind them Art has no limits.” And there is no doubt that she will accomplish this and so much more. 

Meet Elizabeth Pitts and her works at Iconic Eye Care x Exhibit Treal "Artistic Vision" Women's Art Exhibit  Saturday, May 14th. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Black Lily Uprising" is Keeping It Treal for Sunfest After Party Honoring The Roots

It is with immense pleasure that we can announce that Human Being Talent Agency has tapped us to curate the Art Expo for the upcoming "Black Lilly Uprising" SunFest after party at Wine Scene honoring The Roots

So make sure you are THERE!!!! We're gonna #KeepItTreal!!!

The Black Dalhia 
McKinson Souverain 
Ray Lopez 
Jason "JaFleu" Fleurant

Event: Black Lily Uprising
Date: Sunfest / Saturday April 30th 2016
Time: 5 pm-Midnight
Location: Wine Scene
501 Fern Street / City Place / West Palm Beach 33401

Tickets: FREE and open to the public.

Event Contact: Chris Deon/Publicist 754-214-6024

Sunfest 2016 / West Palm Beach / Sat April 30th / FREE Event.
5pm - Mid.  All Ages Welcome.  Location: WINE SCENE. Event Contact: 754-214-6024
501 Fern Street / West Palm Beach / City Place 33401

What is Black Lily?
Black Lily was a legendary open mic collective in late 1990's Philadelphia that was started by
Grammy award winners Questlove and his bandmates: The Roots. The open mic night started out of necessity to find like minded talent to fill a void that was missing on mainstream radio and in music at that time. Black Lily grew to legendary status and spawned the careers of not only The Roots, but many other multi-platinum acts of the more cerebral neo soul/r&b/hip hop era of the early 2000's including Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Musiq Soulchild, the late J Dilla and many more who have influenced what we listen to today.

Answer: A FREE radical art and culture movement. Open to the public.
Simply put, it’s the inspired continuation of that legendary movement started by The Roots and now based in West Palm Beach and focusing on cultivating South Florida's gifted music and art scene. Black Lily Uprising makes it's debut during the internationally famous SUNFEST festival week at one of the Palm Beaches hottest art spots: WINE SCENE, which can best be described as part gallery, part ultra lounge, part New York style warehouse with a spacious, eclectic open air amphitheater.

Performance Schedule
DJ Sessions
Outside Amphitheater: A sonic tribute to PRINCE
5 pm - 7 pm: DJ Set  ( DJ PEACE )
Intermission sets by Menifaces and DJ Black Buddha

7 pm - 7:30 pm ( Southern Fried Poetry Cypher )
A poetic tribute to music legends
Butterfly, Shariff Butler, JaFleu, Yanatha Desouvre and Chris Da’Imperial

7:45 pm - 8:30 pm ( Hip Hop, Neo Soul )
Blaine,  Miranda Renald,  Quan Duke

8:45 pm - 9:30 pm ( R&B, Dance, Trap )
RegulaZ,  Senerio,  Fonzo

9:45 pm ( Dance, Hip Hop, R&B )
Leila Capri,  Annishka,  Heem

10:30 pm ( Hip Hop )
Shay J

11 pm - Mid: DJ closeout

Painting Outside / Art Exhibit:
Exhibit Treal
JaFleu,  Black Dalhia,  McKinson,  Ray Lopez and  The Visualist

Monday, April 25, 2016

"We LIT" Community Book Fair x Art Show was #CertifiedTreal!!!

Yesterday, Exhibit Treal held the community book fair and group art show during the RBG Family Funday & Mini Market and it was LIT!!! The book art lovers came flooding in! Gems were found, friendships made, and a whole lot of inspiration.

We were treated to a lively session of Le Nubian Dance Inc's Afro-Haitian Modern Dance and the sounds of unity as the djembes banged away!


Artist, Visualist taught a exceptional 'Thee Stroke is Treal' art class. What made it so treal was featured performer... spoken word artist Benjamin Kent did one of his pieces and the 'students' created their interpretation of his words. Art of top of art on top of art... ARTCEPTION!!!

Special thank you to the ever so talented collection of artist whose art work shined brighter than a burning star!!!

We take great pride in seeing artists get the love and on top of that selling their work new collectors!!!

We are looking forward to next month! And we've got exciting things planned for it that will be announced soon. If you'd like to donate more books for the next please contact us at

Friday, April 22, 2016

Author Yantha Desourve brings the Suspense with "To Whom Much is Given"!

The ability to make words move at your command to convey tales and thoughts so deep and intriguing is a gift author and poet Yanatha Desourve has in spades. Born in Port-au-Prince, yet raised on the stoops of Brooklyn and Philly Yanatha has travel many a roads and has used his mastery of the pen to turn his experiences in this life as almost a guide. Now making his home in Miami with his wife and three lovely daughters, Yantha is a man of many talents and skills.

With a Bachelor's Degree in MIS and Marketing from Drexel University, as well as a MBA in Marketing and Mass Communication including Media Management from Lynn University, Yantha is a truly a season IT professional. So much so that he's even gone as far as creating several mobile apps such as "Proud Haitian", "Pre-K Math", "Proud to be Jewish", "Kids Eat Free HD", "Pocket Poetry" and more.  To best describe is mindset you be to quote a selection from his poem "Imagine This, Imagine That":

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, realize in this life there is nothing that you cannot do. You simply have to work hard and believe, believe me you can say it, you will do it. There is so much you will achieve. You just have to acknowledge the struggles of the past that led you to this path and realize, it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at, Imagine this Imagine That”

A best selling author, who has written already 8 books (one of which was his #1 best seller children's book "Big Sister, Little Sister"), is now back with his own 9th wonder "To Whom Much is Given: A Grayson Goodman Novel". The first book in the chronicles of Goodman, it's been described as "James Bond meets Luther; with a dash of Marvel's X-Men and Mission Impossible with Haitian hot sauce!"

Plot Synopsis: 

"Childhood friends Grayson and Amara, along with Dominique, Amara's closest friend join together on a dangerous pursuit to rescue Amara's nephew Jason. Little do they know where this quest will take them and how dangerous are the forces behind this kidnapping. The darkness of the past haunts these brave friends as they embark on this journey. Will they be able to save Jason in time?" 

As a renown motivational speaker, Desourve has a great sense for the essence of humanity and what
sparks and distinguishes us. Yanatha effortlessly does so by creating characters that you'd be hard press not to recognized from our own real world; characters that reflect the flaws of complexity within all of us and thrusts them into a action packed world! The thriller will leave you suspense-fully turning every page in what's describe as "a pursuit against time" in a crazy rescue mission.

"To Whom Much is Given: A Grayson Goodman Novel" is available right now in paperback,  hardback, Kindle and Ibooks! You can even order an autographed copy as well!

For more information visit: 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The RBG's Of South Florida Unite Black Business & Uplift the Community

The RBG’s of South Florida have been steadily doing work in the community. All with the agenda of building and providing for the people. Comprised of Abasi “ManBlack” Hanif, Amanda Lake and Jessica “Empress Prestige”McCready, the trio have been going all in. Each event or project has been topping the last and raising the bar on our value of ourselves and the black dollar.

There most recent occurrence was no exception. Last Sunday, they
held the second Black Business Mixer. Filled with melaninated vendors ranging in clothing, foods, jewelry, art, transportation and more... It functioned as a ground zero for Palm Beaches own “Black Wallstreet” with the exchanges of ideas and currency between clients and business. All the while under the roof of an already successful and established Black owned business, Caribbean Choice.
Paying close attention to the needs and requests made by the
attendees at their last mixer. The RBG’s of South Florida took it up a notch by holding workshops that really broke down the ins and outs of planning, owning and succeeding with your own small business.

Fresh from passing the bar, Attorney Scheril Murry Powell, Esq offered a clear and precise PowerPoint presentation as part of the workshop that was filled with jewels. The audience, a collection of black entrepreneurs and consumers eyes were glued and held on to every word, every bit of knowledge only to away to jot down notes. As DJ Khaled would exclaim, Powell was dishing out “major keys to successes”. Her sense of humility and genuine vibe of offering to help quickly diffuse any fear or concern in the room.

As Murray essentially laid down the law, she had guest speaker the lively Lance Waterman known as “Coach LA” speak fire that had even the most timid lit and ready to push their business.  Coach LA, decked in purple something not by happenstance as he would go to explain delivered a powerful message. The inquisitive crowd pour in questions and received in depth explanations, solutions and more by Murry and LA.


Scheril Murray Powell, Esq
Attorney at Law

Lance “Coach L.A.” Waterman
(917)586-2723 |

The next Black Business Mixer is being scheduled for Sunday, May 22. 

For vendor opportunities or more you can contact The RBG’s of South Florida:
Abasi Hanif: 561-909-8050
Amanda Lake: 561-577-8778
Jessica Prestige: 754-246-3725