Monday, February 15, 2016

Young, Gifted & Black | Visualist

Young, Gifted & Black | Visualist

We are presented the notion that art is merely a mirror. The aforementioned reflects what we already have bubbling in the back of our own consciousness. Jamaal Clark better known as the "Visualist" has unquestionably discovered this and has trekked sincerely through the prospect of being the mirror but one with a richer vision of who we truly are.  Visualist himself comes off as a quiet, soft spoken fellow who indeed stands by his namesake and observes the room. Quietly maneuvering around and taking in the moments, often times behind the lenses of his own cannon. The way the Visualist perceives the world and its inhabitants transpires as a magnificent celebration of life.

Drawing inspiration from the muses of ancient Egyptian culture, Visualist produces works depicting images of black souls in lavish atmosphere choosing to reflect us as just a bit more than royalty… but Gods & Goddesses.

"The Visualist...the Visualist is me... well an extension of me. I took on the name in college; it related to me... it became me on many levels. For myself, being a visual artist and a being of light; the name was a perfect representation of myself.

I was influenced by AZ The Visualizah, a rapper and composer. He's an MC who can paint pictures with words. I admire his work. I took the name adjusted the spelling and the Visualist was born to gain its own meaning."
"Visualist is about opening your third eye and awakening your power within. My hope is one day it will be a title, representing one that is awakened."

"A good portion of my artwork references Egypt Ancient Kemet. It began as a fascination as a child, which grew into more of a quest for self-knowledge that's being expressed through art. I was attracted to the images and stories of this great civilization that achieved so many things. They even to this day cause massive contributions to civilizations. Many of which unknown by too many today. 

The images I paint of kings and queens. Are aimed to move the viewer, in this day and age there a many negative images presented to us of our people, being depicted in negative light and not in our greatness. Put out visuals of kings and queens to let you know that you come from greatness, it exist within you, be great like your ancestors those that came before you. We are all kings and queens we are all gods and goddesses."

“What draws me to art is that it is one of the greatest forms of expression. A medium that allows people and times to live on."

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