Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Young, Gifted & Black | Tracy Guiteau

“Being young gifted and black is a gift I can’t take for granted.”

There's levels to Haitian-American artist Tracy Guiteau​. Her love for the arts be it painting, drawing and/or fashion knows no end. She's been known to debut her latest marvelous designs while at the same time exhibiting in some of the most astonishing surroundings. Probed as to why she has an aspiration for it and her response is; well candid "Many times I’m misunderstood and many times I was out of the words to say. So as a result, I created. Each fashion piece was created to stand out of the crowd. An outlet that gives you the utmost sense of Freedom. Becoming YOU without any apologies."

At an early age, Guiteau had made a discovery that takes most of us all our lives to stumble on. She had found her purpose. “When God calls you, you run to him. And it was through art that I was called.” Filled with an uncontrollable sensation to create, every work of art she carefully produced became more so personal pages of her dairy leaking on to canvas.

She states that the simple process of creating alone was a form of therapy. "It’s hard to pinpoint what fuels my creativity.  Just know that it's a part of me that I place on a blank canvas. Segments of my journal,  my life,  my thoughts that I secretly allow you to view... my soul,  my strength and my song that I allow you to feel.... my love...  my fear... my pains. I allow you to taste."

Many of Guiteau’s work feel like an ode, a celebration of the incredible essence of being a woman. Her paintings are elegant and wealthy with color, and yet so complex with the patient detailing of lines said to show how interconnected we are all. Taking her breathtaking work to even unfathomable levels are the hidden words dancing all within her paintings in plain sight, challenging the viewer to search further rather than taking things at face value.

The New York born, owner of a BFA degree in fashion that she received in 2007 after attending Road Island School of Design is no slouch. Constantly putting the hours into her craft and her dreams with a positive sense of exuberance, her presence is undoubtedly heavily on the scene. Exhibiting internationally, all over the country and scoring countless of mentions and write ups from publications. Even earning well worth it praises from celebrities and contemporaries alike. Still not one to let it go to her head, Guiteau seems to determine to remind humble and trusting in what God has called her to do. “When you let optimism and a dream guide you on your path, there’s no telling what might come your way!!!”

IG: Guiteau Art