Thursday, February 18, 2016

Young, Gifted & Black | Mckinskin Art

It would appear that McKinskin breathes to create, an artist through and through on many platforms. He wears the title of director and actor among many, yet it's the medium of painting where he with a precise ease and dedication holds you captive into his bubble. Boasting a style that turns the canvas into enchanting buffets for the eyes, it's not difficult to see how he's got fans turning into fiends.

The former Wildcat, delves into his works using a surrealistic urban style to express thoughts no words could conjure. His interpretation of life will have you desiring to witness the world through his eyes. Influenced by the ultimate masters of patience it's quickly understandable to see why the soft spoken McKinskin can pump out such detailed ‘masterpieces’.

"On everything I love him" he says about one of his inventive heroes the late legendary Ernie Barnes, "he and Bob Ross are the ones who made me like art. The people I paint and exaggerated shapes are because of Ernie. Bob taught not to view errors as mistakes." The images of the art by Barnes used on the well know "Good Times" remained heavy in his psyche. 

"My belief is the ones with the LEAST amount of resources are the MOST creative"

Using oil paints, McKinskin's clean colors are vibrant and buttery smooth. Nonetheless it's not all just pretty pictures to hang on your wall. He tackles the ugliness of our realities all the while making them digestible with its beauty. 

When describing his piece "Endless War" which address the dark tango between black on black violence and blatant racism, he articulates "Back before I ever lifted a finger to paint, I had this frightening, yet reality based image in my head. For "US" to come from the same struggle, we'd rather bury one another. A paint brush has no eraser on the end but follow this, if the man on the right is patient enough he won't have to use his rope because the weapon that the man of the fair left is pointing at the man in the middle is doing all the erasing for the man on the left. We are living an "Endless War"," 

When asked what it means to be Young, Gifted & Black in America... McKinskin with a calmness he's become quite known for keeps it simple but impactful declaring "It means I have a responsibility, a responsibility to inspire others."

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