Thursday, April 7, 2016

Meet the Artists of the "We LIT" Book Fair x Art Show

The line up for our upcoming "We LIT" Book Fair & Art Show is finalize and nothing short of treal! Meet the artist's who will be providing the visual beauty that will awe, leave some thought provoked and have you clamoring to add their artworks into your own personal collection!!!

The Artists

Ray Lopez

South Florida digital artist Ray Lopez is a beast! His graphic works are what flames are made of and he's just recently switch back to paper and pencil. We're looking forward to what he'll be exhibiting!!! Follow and check out this phenomenal  artists work on instagram (@omg.ray)

Kyta Beez Media

Capturing more than a picture but the essence of the overall scene with a enchanting perspective. We're looking forward to seeing what trealness the blissful Kyta Beez Media will exhibiting!



With a name such as Visualist​ there are certain expectations from even the most casual art admirer. And he meets those and excels pass them. Working in all mediums of photography, painting, mural work, digital art and more. Visualist also uses art to directly shape young lives through teaching. Make sure your hear to check out the latest creations by him.

Read bout Visualst here



The Ft. Lauderdale based artist will be exhibiting his tremendous style of complex and layer artwork.


Orealjinal Desjins

As an artist, my desire essentially is to create. When ideas come to me, I don’t explore rules or think back to what I was taught in art class, I temporarily vacate society and enter into my own world. In my art, I am often inspired by trial.

My art is matrimony of opposition. I love the beauty of contrast, light against dark, sharp lines against smooth curves and the necessity of conflict that’s revealed by using a blend of organic and structured shapes, lines and color that form into simple but powerful images.

I find a strange beauty in any conflict. Conflict breeds unity despite opposition, births strength from weakness and celebrates life despite death. How amazing is that? For me it’s absolutely beautiful. I want my art to share this belief with others.


Caron Bowman

Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplined artist and her work spans many techniques. Rapper Kendrick Lamar in association with Creative Allies showcased her artwork in NYC at the Galapagos Art Space. She emerged as a semi-finalist for the 2012 Beck’s Green Box augmented reality series – which featured the best emerging artists around the globe. In addition to other honors, she has also been profiled by The American Latino Museum, the 2014 and 2013 Los Angeles African American Heritage Guide, fashion photographer Nick Knight’s – SHOWstudio, and the Tom Joyner Foundation.

Caron uses the history and the culture of Florida as a source of inspiration. She has been influenced by pop art, surrealism, and graffiti art and she synthesized these qualities into her work ,Her artwork is about intensity of color, curved lines, and daring patterns unified into one language. There is an almost dream-like quality to the rhythm and unfurling of the forms in her work. She said of her work: “My personal quest is to create art with a spirit, moreover, transforming two dimensional materials into spiritual substance. My goal is to continue to use the vocabulary of color in order to speak visually in different languages creating a relationship between the unconscious and conscious mind via abstraction and symbolism."


Joachim Hugh Taylor

"To create feels like you are in your own little universe. I want people to get excited"

To read more about the Exhibit Treal: "We LIT" Book Fair x Art Show click here!

Sunday, April 24th
Caribbean Choice
2845 N Military Trl
West Palm Beach, Fl 33409

For information email:

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