Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Artistic Vision | Meet Candace Day

Artistic Vision | Meet Candace Day

A Mother with a dream can never be deferred. And so artist Candace Day much like a mountain, will not be moved... except by faith. Where so many would see reason to sacrifice a goal, Day saw a source to push herself further.

  “I will sacrifice my own lively hood to pursue this (art). My children motivate me to chase dreams and move toward freedom and happiness. I had this dream since I was 3 yrs old. I have paid many dues to contribute to the pot at the end of the rainbow."

"I paint, because something ultimately drives me to do so. Creative success, I am not going to say “Oh I just do It because I like to paint”. My darling, I have a vision for the future only for Gods eyes to see. I just take it one day at a time and thank God for each day”.

I couldn't help to ask if she felt God and her “faith” played a big role in the works she produced considering her always upbeat personality, and joyfully she claimed

“Yes, I believe now It does. I know the creative power is his. I am only his vessel.... For real hands up!”

An example of this can be seen in her piece “Thriller” which she describes as touching on themes
such as

“Life and death, the thriller in between. Loved ones and individuals that enter ones life that actually make a difference... Ups and downs. winning and losing. Joy and pain, Patience and perseverance. Travel and influence.”

Or "Victory In The Wake {For the record I do not know if that's the title lol}" where she wrote one day "God is good! I believe his light inspired me to create and find this Image. Victory in the wake.....After walking a long and winding road. To those who are traveling a similar path. Keep moving, your hard work, sacrifices and dedication will be rewarded In his time. No good deed goes undone, Amen...."

A Woman on a mission to make her presence known by setting the world ablaze through her work. An artist with a message... Day's advice to others is frank, proud , inspiring and just flat-out awesome

“Move away things, people and matters that are obstructing you and where you want to be. Clear your space, pray, love, forgive, be free in the mind and soul. Don't let any matter pigeon whole who you are... Yup! Yup!”

Candace will be part of the Iconic Eye Care x Exhibit Treal : Artistic Vision Women's Exhibit
Saturday, May 14 3pm - 7pm

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