Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The RBG's Of South Florida Unite Black Business & Uplift the Community

The RBG’s of South Florida have been steadily doing work in the community. All with the agenda of building and providing for the people. Comprised of Abasi “ManBlack” Hanif, Amanda Lake and Jessica “Empress Prestige”McCready, the trio have been going all in. Each event or project has been topping the last and raising the bar on our value of ourselves and the black dollar.

There most recent occurrence was no exception. Last Sunday, they
held the second Black Business Mixer. Filled with melaninated vendors ranging in clothing, foods, jewelry, art, transportation and more... It functioned as a ground zero for Palm Beaches own “Black Wallstreet” with the exchanges of ideas and currency between clients and business. All the while under the roof of an already successful and established Black owned business, Caribbean Choice.
Paying close attention to the needs and requests made by the
attendees at their last mixer. The RBG’s of South Florida took it up a notch by holding workshops that really broke down the ins and outs of planning, owning and succeeding with your own small business.

Fresh from passing the bar, Attorney Scheril Murry Powell, Esq offered a clear and precise PowerPoint presentation as part of the workshop that was filled with jewels. The audience, a collection of black entrepreneurs and consumers eyes were glued and held on to every word, every bit of knowledge only to away to jot down notes. As DJ Khaled would exclaim, Powell was dishing out “major keys to successes”. Her sense of humility and genuine vibe of offering to help quickly diffuse any fear or concern in the room.

As Murray essentially laid down the law, she had guest speaker the lively Lance Waterman known as “Coach LA” speak fire that had even the most timid lit and ready to push their business.  Coach LA, decked in purple something not by happenstance as he would go to explain delivered a powerful message. The inquisitive crowd pour in questions and received in depth explanations, solutions and more by Murry and LA.


Scheril Murray Powell, Esq
Attorney at Law

Lance “Coach L.A.” Waterman
(917)586-2723 | coachlaspeaks@gmail.com

The next Black Business Mixer is being scheduled for Sunday, May 22. 

For vendor opportunities or more you can contact The RBG’s of South Florida:
Abasi Hanif: 561-909-8050
Amanda Lake: 561-577-8778
Jessica Prestige: 754-246-3725


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