Friday, April 22, 2016

Author Yantha Desourve brings the Suspense with "To Whom Much is Given"!

The ability to make words move at your command to convey tales and thoughts so deep and intriguing is a gift author and poet Yanatha Desourve has in spades. Born in Port-au-Prince, yet raised on the stoops of Brooklyn and Philly Yanatha has travel many a roads and has used his mastery of the pen to turn his experiences in this life as almost a guide. Now making his home in Miami with his wife and three lovely daughters, Yantha is a man of many talents and skills.

With a Bachelor's Degree in MIS and Marketing from Drexel University, as well as a MBA in Marketing and Mass Communication including Media Management from Lynn University, Yantha is a truly a season IT professional. So much so that he's even gone as far as creating several mobile apps such as "Proud Haitian", "Pre-K Math", "Proud to be Jewish", "Kids Eat Free HD", "Pocket Poetry" and more.  To best describe is mindset you be to quote a selection from his poem "Imagine This, Imagine That":

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, realize in this life there is nothing that you cannot do. You simply have to work hard and believe, believe me you can say it, you will do it. There is so much you will achieve. You just have to acknowledge the struggles of the past that led you to this path and realize, it’s not where you’re from it’s where you’re at, Imagine this Imagine That”

A best selling author, who has written already 8 books (one of which was his #1 best seller children's book "Big Sister, Little Sister"), is now back with his own 9th wonder "To Whom Much is Given: A Grayson Goodman Novel". The first book in the chronicles of Goodman, it's been described as "James Bond meets Luther; with a dash of Marvel's X-Men and Mission Impossible with Haitian hot sauce!"

Plot Synopsis: 

"Childhood friends Grayson and Amara, along with Dominique, Amara's closest friend join together on a dangerous pursuit to rescue Amara's nephew Jason. Little do they know where this quest will take them and how dangerous are the forces behind this kidnapping. The darkness of the past haunts these brave friends as they embark on this journey. Will they be able to save Jason in time?" 

As a renown motivational speaker, Desourve has a great sense for the essence of humanity and what
sparks and distinguishes us. Yanatha effortlessly does so by creating characters that you'd be hard press not to recognized from our own real world; characters that reflect the flaws of complexity within all of us and thrusts them into a action packed world! The thriller will leave you suspense-fully turning every page in what's describe as "a pursuit against time" in a crazy rescue mission.

"To Whom Much is Given: A Grayson Goodman Novel" is available right now in paperback,  hardback, Kindle and Ibooks! You can even order an autographed copy as well!

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