Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Artistic Vision | Meet Haitian-American Artist Belinda Wright

Artistic Vision | Meet Artist Belinda Wright

On Saturday, May 14 in collaboration with Iconic Eye Care we will be having an exhibit of artwork by the trealest of artist that just so happen to be women. Once such artist is the unstoppable force that is Belina.

Belina Buisson- Wright is a Florida native of Haitian decent. Wright was passionate and understanding of the importance of education. After attending college to become a teacher she taught for 8 years only to then set her attention to her sure her children got the best education possible by home schooling. It was during her time teach that she began her long dance with art, experimenting with acrylic paints.

Now a full fledged self-taught artist who would with a humble grace but a firm believe would tell you her talent to create is a gift blessed on to her from the almighty God. Capturing the vibrancy of life, Wright is mused by the arts of her Haitian and African-American heritage.

Of her the subjects of her works she would say she loves to capture people in their elements, from the 'extreme to the mundane'. Belina pays homage to what she believes in the strength, grace and beauty in her 'Haitian' series. A collection of works depicting tall, stylized women carrying baskets of goods.

Residing in Central Florida, with her husband Stephen and for beautiful children. She still has attain the attention of art lovers, collectors and curators all over the globe. Exhibiting both nationally and internationally in traditonal exhibits and in cutting edge online exhibitions. She is a woman who chases her dream. And we are honored to have her work in our upcoming exhibit.

But enough from us. Let's her about who Belina Wright is from her own words:

I am a self-taught artist and because of this I create freely without fear of breaking artistic rules. I have various methods of creating my work and do not like to be labeled as only one style of painter.  My art has a strong Haitian art style influence. Living in the U.S. I didn’t get to experience much of the Haitian culture growing up. This style allows me to identify with that part of my heritage. When I did visit Haiti, as a child, I remembered the movement and the energy of people talking, laughing or haggling in the marketplace and the spirit of community. I try to capture the beauty in the day-to-day and extraordinary features of my cultural background. 

I often include faceless stylized women wearing red kerchiefs and carrying baskets. I also use bright colors and random stokes in the backgrounds to create energy and movement. I am a very loose painter. I don’t believe a lot of detail is needed to capture the essence of a piece. Initially you notice the color in my work but if you look closely you will see the beauty of hidden details showing through the layers. 

I am currently working on a series of paintings featuring people of color with natural hair and pieces inspired by my recent trip to Haiti. On this trip I was able to view the country with an adult’s perspective. Although there were changes with time and the recovery from the earthquake, the peoples’ resilient spirit is still intact. I want to continue to capture these elements of the country in my work. 

We can't wait you for all to see and collect her works!!!

Iconic Eye Care x Exhibit Treal: "Artistic Vision" Women's Art Exhibit

Save the Date: Saturday, May 14th. 

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