Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Black Artists Combine Art & Literature for Community Book Fair Challenge!

We are overwhelmed with all the love and unbelievable quality and volume of books that came flooding in during the book drive. Our cup truly runneth over with y'all grace! The excitement of seeing adults falling in love with the potential of reading and begging for opportunities to take them home hit a fever pitch!  And thus a brilliant plot twist was born!

The idea was proposed that if you were to take a book, no matter how many you took. You would have to do a book report at the next Exhibit Treal during next month’s RBGSFL’s Family Funday & Mini Market. But wait before the moans and grunts could be released, Empress Prestige dropped another plot twist!!!

We love that you love BOOKS!!! And we want you to take The Book Report Challenge!!!

We're looking for a few TREAL readers to do a book report one something that'll be reading for the month of April. The reports will be displayed or performed at our Book Fair & Art Show next month.

Let's ‪#‎KeepItTreal‬... your book report can be done as artistically as you see fit! Poetry/Art/Dance whatever you feel best conveys your report. LETS GET CREATIVE!!!!

If you came to the Exhibit Treal: We Got Dat LIT! Group Art Show & Youth Book Drive at RBG Family Fun Day and Mini Market on Easter Sunday and found books you love.... you know you owe us them book reports!!!! But we'll give you a pass like this....

If you're down to take The Book Report Challenge:

Drop a pic in the event page with the hashtag ‪#‎TheTrealReport‬ of yourself and the book you are going to be reading. (If you are looking for a book to read message us to setup a time for you to come by and look for something to dive into.)

Let's Read as a Community!!!!

So with that said… Exhibit Treal presents “We LIT!” The Book Fair x Art Show.

Even with the large amounts of books that were taken, we’ve got a lot and many more to come! Which gave us the idea of a book fair! Not only will you be surrounded by the visual works of talented, passionate artists but Books FOR DAYS!!!! All of which for FREE!

Come swap out old books for other books to read! Or donate more! Or come to find yourself new reading material. Reading is important, and so we’re creating this sort of a community library to encourage literacy.

Help us to be the change that inspire the youth and expand your world through the power of words!!! If you’d like to participate in the book report challenge or interested in just going through the collection of books to read and are in Palm Beach County…   contact us at


We're looking for black visual artists to exhibit at our Book Fair/ Art Show

Submit to
Artist Statement
Short Bio
3 Images of Art you'd like to exhibit

Because April is Poetry month and we are LIT!!! We will be having some amazing poets come set this ablaze!!!
Not only will they be exhibiting art you’ll be diving into your wallets to own. But the artists will collaborate in turning a bookshelf into a masterpiece which will be auctioned off to for charity at a later date. Details soon.
Sunday, April 24
12pm – 5pm
Caribbean Choice
2845 N Military Trl

West Palm BEACH, Fl 33409

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