Thursday, May 19, 2016

Celebrating the Rhythm of Malcolm X's Life

Lighting struck across the dark gloomy skies. Rain had been on the forecast all day. But the thing about that is the weatherman perdicted the wrong sorts. The thunder cracking the silence of the streets of Northwood wasn't from the much anticipated
downpour but that of upliftng vibes! The djembes roared in unison to fast paced patterns as barehands beat life into existence. On this night, there was only one rain. The reign of greatness.

Abasi Hanif's Livin' the Rhythm drum cirle is coming on 6yrs strong. A feat anyone in Palm Beach can admit is unfathomable in and of itself. And one of the reasons you can atrribute to it is the fact no two nights are ever the same. And on this night, it was a celebration of the life of one of our greatest leader... Malcolm X.

The scene could not of been more perfect. From the documentary of Malcolm X's speeches being projected in the background to the table filled with the kind of soul food that comes with a recipet for the itis with each rich and delectable bite. Oh and what's a birthday without cake? How about homemade freshly baked chocolate and vanilla cake?!!! All as an mused Visualist began creating live his latest painting. The community came together as one to kick back and reach higher levels.

Under the moonlit skies, you can't help but to ask yourself if there is in fact  a rain dance then would it not be logical to assume that the beating of the djembes sent the clouds packin?!. By the time it had come for the "heartbeat" (a round robin of sorts that signals the closing of the circle) the sky was the clearest it had been all day. One could say the spirit of the honorable Malcolm X was simply pleased by all that occured.

The Livin' the Rhythm Higher Viberations Drum Circle happens weekly very Thursday from 7p-10p at Harold's 509 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach. Free admission and open to all. Don't have your own drum? Not to worry, the circle generally has djembes on deck!

Please be sure to visit to continue to support the movement.

And  make sure you save the date of May 29th as the RBG's of South Florida bring you their 5th "Family Funday & Mini Market".

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