Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Artistic Vision | Meet Elizabeth Pitts

Elizabeth Pitts comes from a lineage of artistic expressionist. Stemming from her grandmother and father whom used his talents
to do outstanding work in the trades of upholstery and refurbishing furniture.  The Delray Beach, Fl born Elizabeth’s notes him, James Pitts as her favorite artist saying “As a father, husband and business owner, his artistic abilities seems to shine bright in everything he does. His artwork matured as he got older and wiser.” She goes on to say “Knowing that my father and grandmother were artists drives me to be the best artist I can be.”

Elizabeth attended the highly regarded Virginia State University, a Historical Black College. One of which she has no problem letting you know how prideful she is of being an alum. It was there that she discovered she too had been blessed with the artistic abilities she admired for so long explaining “I have always had a passion for music, art and poetry but to me they were just hobbies, until now.” 

Her passion for the youth is what led her to studying education and recreation and VSU with a goal set; an objective to own her own recreation center. “I want to provide a place where kids can have opportunities to explore different avenues to their future success.  Sports camps, art classes and exhibits, talent shows, dance classes, engineering clubs, academic support and college readiness programs are only a few of the programs I would love to provide to my community.”

The mother of two beautiful children who have also been bitten by the art bug she revealed as they to love to paint. It is abundantly clear the apple does not fall far from her creative tree. Much like how her father turned his hobby into a career, Pitts hustler spirit doesn’t just stop with art. “Along with painting, being a mother, and working with children I am also a Distributor of a 100% all natural Hair product line.  I started using the products and instantly I wanted to include my family and friends in on this wonderful product that is created by an African American woman who has been caring for all types of hair for over 30 years.” Affectionately known to some as a Jack… well a Jackie of all trades, Pitts is in love with being a go-getter! “I plan on expanding and perfecting my craft as the future approaches.”

Yet when it’s all said and done her mission remains clear “I wish to introduce different artistic styles and unique ideas to young artists.  I want kids and young artists to keep an open mind when expressing themselves, remind them Art has no limits.” And there is no doubt that she will accomplish this and so much more. 

Meet Elizabeth Pitts and her works at Iconic Eye Care x Exhibit Treal "Artistic Vision" Women's Art Exhibit  Saturday, May 14th. 

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