Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Artists Showcase "Black Gold" for Black History Month

Artists Showcase of the Palm Beaches Presents…
Exhibit Treal: “Black Gold” Art Exhibit

"Your Black is Gold, so when it's dark get your glow on" - Big K.R.I.T

The beauty, struggle, strength and much more is what you can expect from the works curated by Exhibit Treal for this exhibition highlighting the talents of local Black Artist this Black History Month. Witness the world through their creative perspective. Sometimes challenging or soothing the mind but all the time speaking to your soul.

The exhibition will be ongoing starting Monday, Feb 13th lasting till Friday, March 3rd. During the normal operating times of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. There be a closing reception, details soon.
IG: @exhibittreal
Twitter: @exhibittreal  

Featuring the Artwork of:

Tracy Guiteau
"Why is it important for us to see art that is representative of ourselves? Because it’s more important on how I view myself other than what the world says about me. And through this will inspire others to view themselves that way. God and I know me best…. So each stroke gives off a certain energy to my piece that no one else can generate. I’ll die if I eat all the lies that they say." - Tracy Guiteau | IG: @Guiteauart

Jamaal “Visualist” Clark

"Art expression, something internal that's externalized that can offer something different to everyone that encounters it. Leaving a sense of empowerment to the artist, and the ability to build up any one it touches." - Visualist | IG: @visualist412

Janique “Queen Peace” Booker
Liz “Blaq Royalty” Pitts
IG: @blaqroyalty7

Mckinson Souverain

Orealjinal Desijns
"Growing up in Today's society. Black excellence is an oxy moron. Our culture has influenced the world with little to no recognition. However, our people have not let society determine how great we will be. We have taken a world that removed the welcome mat and we decided to avoid doors because we aim for the skies. doors in my eyes are obstacles. Black excellence is the standard for beauty, music, fashion, food and of course art! As an black artist I am influenced immensely by my culture. Our body is nothing short of the glory of God and I enjoy showing others how beautiful we are as a people with my perspective of light, color and line. So, I am black excellence and my art is a reflection of such." - Orealjinal Desijns

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