Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Youth Short Stories Contest Sponsors Needed!!!

Dear Friend,

Foremost, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and wish all is well. As you may know, Exhibit Treal is focused on using the arts to impact and empower our community. One way we aim to do this is reaching out to our youth in Palm Beach County. We are a strong believer in what art programs can do in their lives. The reason we are writing you today is to offer you an opportunity to be an integral part doing so by sponsoring one of our upcoming projects, “Treally Written” for the middle of this month.

Treally Written will be a short story contest for African American students who attend public middle and high school in Palm Beach County. We will be reaching out to the schools and after school programs to spread the word. The goal will be to encourage young writers to create tales based on a particular subject that include their surroundings and people they know. Pushing them to see their world more creatively.

Your sponsorship will play a major part in this because we are looking to create cash awards and prizes for the youth involved. We aim to have a grand prize winner from the middle & high school competition. Our goal is to award that winner with a cash prize of $250.  By showing the youth what their talents can earn them, it helps to open up their perspective and realize there is more to life.

We will also be partnering up with local visual artist and through the sponsorships, we will have them create artwork inspired by the some of the youth’s stories. It is our hope that we will amass enough support so that we will be able to give the artist the supplies to create in exchange of them donating the original works for an auction. And allow for us to put together a book of the top 5 selected stories and art.

The proceeds from the auction and book sales, will be to use to create a budget for our other projects geared towards the youth such as spelling bees, debates, art contests and youth poetry slams. We strongly believe in the power of the arts to help keep our children from the trappings of the streets. All the while developing in them a sense of self-worth and a focus towards their future.
Your support will be awarded with more than a pat on them back. We do not expect anyone to just give their hard earned money or goods away for nothing, not even if it’s for the betterment of the community. So in return, while we do not have much we are offering to those who opt to become a sponsor some packages.

For you sponsoring with $50 to $100, you will receive three signed 11in x 17in prints by internationally renowned visual artist Jason “JaFleu” Fleurant, company logo placement on our events flyer as well as acknowledgement on our blog and the certificate award. If you opt to sponsor with goods as a prize from your company, you will receive one 11in x 17in signed print by JaFleu as well as company logo placement on our events flyer as well as acknowledgement on our blog and the certificate award. 

Together we can be the change that our community needs. And together we can succeed.
If interested please contact us at:

Be Safe, Keep What You Kill & Stay Treal
Jason Fleurant

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