Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How Youth Surrounded by Art, Poetry & Djembe's Bring the Goal to Life!

"Seeing is believing!" that's a common phrase we've all heard at the very least in some form or another in our lives. And last weekend provided a opportunity on many fronts to see what having our own gallery space would be like. One such example was Saturday's Iconic Eye Care x Exhibit Treal
collaboration "Artistic Vision" which not only was a women's exhibit but raise funds for Mother's Against Murderers Association. Yet it was what occured Sunday afternoon that really but the 'Visiob' into perspective. 
Exhibit Treal Founder, artist Jason "JaFleu" Fleurant brought his nephews along with him to his rehearshal for Poetry In Motion Production's "Pleasant City" Thee Choreopoem. The rehearsal took place at director Empress Prestige's home. A home that happen to be filled with JaFleu's art. Artwork that his young impressionable nephews had never seen before.

They stood captivated by the colors and became inqusitive about the stories and the how. Only to be absolutely stunned to know these were the works of their uncle. Particularly 7 year old Elyjah, of who will be making his artist debut Saturday with art in "From Haiti with Love".

As the cast dove in to the rehearshals the children couldn't keep from waiting to watch. They were immerse in it all. "Those kids are never quite, or still. It was crazy to see how tuned in they were." JaFleu said. Elyjah who has a bit of issues with focusing and doing homework was shocked to hear Empress tell her cast to do their homework by writing their parts. "When I saw him react I saw it as the perfect oppurtunity to stress the importance of his schooling. I told him that even as adults, as artists we have to do our home work. Of which he vowed to because now he really wants to be part of the play." 
After getting lost in a museum of art and inspired by the talents of the cast the boys found themselves overjoyed to play the djembe's and instruments of Abasi Hanif. All of which are part of his Livin' The Rhythm Youth Academy and Livin' the Rhythm Drum Circle

When the boys mother arrived they did not want to leave, only going with the promise they could return next time. "When I finally got home, both of them rushed with with the biggest embrace. The oldest was asking me so many questions and so inspired it made me realize in that moment this is one of the things we are really trying to do with Exhibit Treal and key to why we need our own space. Some place where the youth of our communities can not only be involved and surrounded by the arts. But by the arts and the artists that looked and lived like them. People they can identify with. "

To support Exhibit Treal and the goal to open our own space please visit 

We've in just only 5 days reached $342 in our goal to $5,000 and would like to thank the following:
Yukiko Howard-Johnson
Empress Prestige
Anonymous Donor (Whomever you are!)
Margie Toney
Kyta Beez
Adam Ramsey | Iconic Eye Care
Joesphine Mulcahy | Palm Beach Artist Showcase
Lawrence Jean-Louis | Cook, Mix, Mingle 


  1. This is the goal this is the mission! Get the kids involved early! They need this! We need this!