Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Black Lily' Transforms Wine Scene into Ground Zero for the Uprising with Art, Music & More during Sunfest Weekend!

Last night was the beginning of an uprising. Inspired by what The Root's QuestLove started in his living room, providing opportunities for performers to express themselves, Chris "Da' Imperial" Deon put together an event that is certain to send waves into the culture of Palm Beach. A night of which he dedicated to the passing of his Aunt; it was jammed pack with undeniable talents and homage to the legends that have left us. Including a set dedicated to the late great Prince that was sure to even have the Heavens shaking from the grooves.

An assortment of performers from Trinidad, Atlanta, Miami and West Palm rocked the stage, serving a feast of the most blazing Spoken Word, R&B, Dance and Hip Hop that rivaled those on of Sunfest!

"There is an Erykah Badu here" a confident Da' Imperial stated as he continue to let the crowd know he is determine to find the next great talents "This time next year there will be a Black Lily Festival!"


Video Recap

Enter Exhibit Treal 

 Wine Scene set the perfect backdrop, with the massive eye catching murals that transported you to Miami's famed Wynwood Walls. But that's not where the art stops.... Exhibit Treal was in full affect! With artists not only painting live but selling their works left and right. The works, much like the performers varied stretching from all kinds of medium.

"This is our Coachella." visual artist O'realjinal Desijns expressed as she began work on her latest painting.

"Tonight was only a morsel, this was the setup." Da' Imperial stated. And we can't wait to see and share what happens next!

Stay tuned and remember.... Be Safe. Keep What You Kill & Stay Treal

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