Sunday, February 7, 2016

What's Exhibit Treal?

  A fair question to ask is what exactly is Exhibit Treal? Well.... The purpose of Exhibit Treal is not to just showcase art but to use the arts as a way to be active in our community. I've found myself on an journey not to long ago trying to figure out what I was supposed to doing with my life. I came to realize I gain more joy being able to put on artist who don't get the chance rather than any attention for my own works.

It's funny, the first official Exhibit Treal to ever happen with that label was an out of the blue art exhibit in my apartment back at LOT 23 (before the gentrification kicked in). I'm a firm believer that all an artist needs is four walls and so we transformed this tiny apartment into an gallery

After this, I had no intention of doing anymore group shows or anything like that. I was just trying to focus on myself as an artist... but the fate intervene.

My friends and fellow artist where telling me about the difficult they had getting into shows during the time of Art Palm Beach which gave me an idea. I may of... ok I did flat out lie to the then CRA folks and convince them to allow me to the empty Lot 23 Studio space to do a one day show. And they gave me the keys.....

And well the rest as some may say is history. As a team we came together and pulled off an amazing exhibit and so Exhibit Treal was really born. I'm a firm believer in giving back because everyone could use an helping hand. So with every show we have those elements included.

So in a nut shell... what's treal? Exhibit Treal is. Checkout photos from pass exhibits

Exhibit Treal: Group Pop-Up

Exhibit Treal: The Rhythm of Art

Exhibit Treal: Young Gifted & Black


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