Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Art, Sex & Black Excellence Takes Over Northwood Village's Bombshell Boutique

Northwood Village’s monthly “Art and Wine” got a major dosage of Trealness. After debuting in Northwood over a year ago, Exhibit Treal major its return. And it was major! The Bombshell Boutique had recently relocated and was ready to be a force within Palm Beaches rising art district. And through a beautiful partnership with Exhibit Treal, the first in many art exhibitions was born.

“Thee Sophisticatedly Ratchet” Erotic Art show
came in like a whirlwind from the very beginning, spinning the vibes that keep the people in the zone was DJ OG. Effortlessly controlling the crowds and bringing excitement in every corner was the energetic Empress Prestige. The masses were treated to  stimulating and sensual artwork exhibited, whilst be left in awe as J Vibe and Harold Caudio created masterpieces live on the canvas of angelic models.

Vid Recap
For More Photos Click Here

Attendees were heard as describing it all as transporting them to Wynwood or LA, Luney Guillaume was quoted many at times simply stating “Black Excellence!” Sponsors traveled far and wide to be part of the experience. Such an example was Jay-Jill Cosmetics, coming from Gainesville, Florida. The crowd weren’t just  spectators filing in for selfies, they came with full intent to support. Buying out the boutique’s “Sunnies” and circulating the dollar with sponsors Blush’D Boudoir Boutique, Our Guilty Pleasures Lingerie, KYTA Bees Media. The rich deliciousness of Sweet Brown Cakes, LLC “Sexy” cupcakes were as though they came directly from the plate of God! Keeping the trend of making sure to use Exhibit Treal to bring awareness to the community, FoundCare was setup with their "Level Up" program.

Thee People's Verdict: 

The exhibitions artist were the superstars. The attendees their biggest fans. Singing the praises, taking
photos together, and becoming collectors of their works. Jaws dropped
and eyes widen as every turn
took you further into the sexual fantasies dancing across canvas and popping out of photography.

Performances by Blaine held audience members finding love, King Mob’s energy had them bouncing and Liquid Sugar’s exotic dance had everyone hot and bothered!

The night was a major successes! The work will remain on exhibit until Aug 14th

Join us next month for Exhibit Treal: “Rising Black Greatness” Group Art Exhibition

Free Admission, $5 suggested donations accepted

Friday, Aug 26
6pm – 12am
The Bombshell Boutique
435 25th St, Unit A
West Palm Beach, Fl 33407

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