Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Palm Beach's Revolution of the Culture through a Pool Party

As America celebrated another birthday, with the looming gloom of
the upcoming elections poking it's head an escape was needed. And the correctly titled "The Best Smash A** Pool Party & BBQ" was just what the doctor ordered! Serving as an hotbed for young urban life to float in the cool waters, bask in the sunshine while getting so lit there was no need for fireworks.

The vibe felt as though we had stumble gold hidden in plan site. The event brought to you by the hive minds of Cultured Revolution, LRD Studios,  LiQ Up Promotions, Legendary People & Starstruck Inc was nothing less than certfied treal. The kick back atmosphere flooded with dranks and good food left only smiles on faces.

Party goers were treated to raffles, swimsuits and twerking Haitian Husbands, actor/ director Jevon White,  recording artist Blaine where in the building as well as representives of The RBG's of South Florida. All there for one goal... good times. And good times there were plenty of... the scene felt ripped straight from the canvas of the late-great painter Ernie Barnes.
competitions! To be grown and treal is a beautiful thing. Celebrities like the renoun

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